My Car Was Hit, and Their Insurance Won’t Pay

Another driver’s negligence can completely alter your life. A car accident can ruin your vehicle, cause bodily harm, force you to lose wages, and result in unplanned medical costs, posing a physical, psychological, and financial burden. A broken leg alone can be very debilitating.

Our goal at the Slam Dunk Attorney is to get a judgment or settlement that will enable you to receive compensation for your suffering and rebuild your life. Getting into a car accident is upsetting. Usually, the at-fault party’s insurance will pay for the accident’s damages. But if the insurance company refuses, what should you do?

The short answer is to retain a car accident lawyer to bring a formal insurance claim.

Types of Insurance Claims After a Car Accident Occurs

If your car is damaged in a car accident, you can either submit an auto insurance claim with your own insurance company (a “first party” insurance claim) or with the insurance company of the driver of the other car (a “third party” insurance claim)

When you make a first-party insurance claim, your insurance company will either pay to have your automobile repaired or, if the damages are greater than the car is worth, will give you the value of your vehicle. The insurance company will subtract the deductible amount you choose for such coverage.

If you make a third-party claim, the other motorist’s insurance company will only cover your vehicle’s damages to the degree that their insured was legally at fault.

Reasons an Insurance Company Refuses To Pay After a Car Accident

There are several reasons an insurance company refuses to pay.

The Car Insurance Company Thinks You Overclaimed

The insurance company for the at-fault driver may decline to pay you the total amount if they believe you are asking for more compensation than you are entitled to for the losses. This frequently occurs when there is a need for medical care since the insurance provider could believe that you are pursuing unnecessary or expensive care from a medical provider that they wouldn’t choose and racking up high medical bills. They may also dispute the extent or cost of car repairs you decided to use and rental car coverage in the interim.

The Car Insurance Company Thinks You Are the At-Fault Driver

The insurance company for the other driver can discover that the police report improperly assigned fault to the other party involved in the car accident after conducting investigations and getting your statement. A car accident insurance company can try to place the responsibility on you. In other instances, insurance companies conclude that neither party was at fault. This is not good, as you would be out of an insurance settlement.

Regardless of the reason given, retain a respected car accident lawyer to make a proper and formal demand to reimburse your medical bills and compensation for pain and suffering.

Negotiating With the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

You may damage your case if you speak with the other driver’s insurance company after a car accident. Whether it was your fault or not, the at-fault driver’s insurance company will attempt to exploit anything you say later in the claim against you. An auto insurance company is quite skilled at using your words against you.

You are not legally required to communicate with or comply with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, but this doesn’t stop the other driver’s insurance company from trying to get in touch with you. If they do, it would be wise to decline the call and consult a car accident lawyer instead.

Giving a Recorded Statement After a Car Accident

The adjuster from the other driver’s insurance company will probably request a taped statement if you speak with them. Beware of this request. An audio recording might be destructive to your auto insurance claim.

Sometimes, your statement may demonstrate that you lack a strong case for an accident. You don’t want this. If you don’t have a claim, your injuries and property damage are on you.

The inquiries that adjusters frequently press you with might lead you to provide information that undermines your claim. Occasionally, a pushy adjuster may persuade you to accept information you are unsure is true. It’s best not to give a statement without the advice of a car accident lawyer.

You Need To See a Doctor Before You Speak to an Insurance Company

A personal injury attorney will need to review your medical bills. The at-fault driver’s insurance company would love to speak to you before you receive medical treatment. Car insurance companies will likely give lower offers if you cannot substantiate your auto insurance claims with medical evidence. Sometimes after a car accident, you feel fine in the early stages. The at-fault driver’s insurance company will surely use this against you.

Why risk being lowballed when you could receive more compensation? Don’t be afraid to seek legal help from experienced personal injury lawyers. A good attorney will know how to plead your car accident case.

Do Not Sign a “Release for Damages”

In most circumstances, you must sign a “release for damages” before the insurance company would settle your claim. By signing a release, you acknowledge that the sum provided is the maximum you will ever obtain from the other driver and their insurance provider. Before you accept the check or sign the release, ensure you are prepared to take the total sum. Speak to a car accident lawyer before you accept any offer. After reviewing your medical costs, your car accident lawyer may find that you are entitled to more.

Speaking With Your Own Insurance Company

While the at-fault driver’s insurance company may seem like an apparent adversary, take your time to trust your own insurance company. You may be required to provide an audio or video recording of your statement under the terms of your auto insurance policy if the adjuster requests one, but keep in mind that your insurance provider can decide to lowball you. Insurance companies aim to keep their payouts low.

You should consider the information carefully before providing it to your insurance company in a documented statement. However, some personal injury lawyers say that you shouldn’t ever give an insurance company a recorded statement without the guidance of a personal injury attorney.

If you are uncertain about interacting with either insurance carrier, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer immediately.

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If you suffered severe injuries in a vehicle accident in Georgia, you could be dealing with psychological, physical, and monetary difficulties. We at Slam Dunk Attorney understand your struggles as we have extensive experience with car accident cases. We are available to assist and have expertise with instances just like this.

From beginning to end, we work to handle every facet of your injury claim. Be sure to contact us right away if you want an auto accident attorney in Georgia.

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